“There is no writing; there is only re-writing.” – John Updike

Suzanne McConnell has worked with novelists and memorialists as an editor and writing coach for Greenline Publishing Consultants, as well as freelance. As a teacher, she estimates that she has edited over a thousand short stories from Hunter College fiction workshop students alone.  As Fiction Editor of the Bellevue Literary Review since 2006, she has edited more than 100 short stories for publication and considered over two thousand.



  • “Special thanks to Suzanne McConnell, a fine writer, friend and instructor at Hunter College, who read the first galleys and gave fresh insights, providing better, more precise words to phrases which had become too familiar to be improved upon from within and saved me from many red pencil errors.” – Lynne Picard, The Elephant’s Rope and the Untethered Spirit: A Remarkable True Story of Healing and Hope, Robert D. Reed Publishers
  • “Thanks to Suzanne McConnell for her tireless guidance, intuitive editing, and brutal squashing of my worst indulgences.” – Scott Oglesby, Riding High, a novel
  • “My special thanks to Suzanne McConnell, who teaches fiction at Hunter College in New York City. She took a great interest in my manuscript, and we spent many hours discussing it together.” – Fara Krasnopolsky, I Remember, The Women’s Press, LTD & Houghton Mifflin Co.